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Welcome to Barkbrigade’s mini crash course on puppy toilet training. 

In this short but detailed course we are going to guide you and your puppy through the toilet training process. Puppies don’t come knowing the key skills, they need teachers to show them the way. Time and consistency is vital to toilet training but with these 6 easy to follow lessons, that will give you all the information you need to set your new puppy up for success. 

  • In this toilet training crash course we cover, 
  • The early stages 
  • Setting them up to succeed  
  • Accidents 
  • Excitement and submissive urination  
  • Common questions 
  • And a bonus section  

Access your crash course for £21 plus vat 

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Barkbrigade provides professional dog training services in the Carnoustie area. We are fully qualified, insured and k9 first aid trained to provide you and your dog the best possible service.

We offer force free training techniques which focus on developing relationship between owner and dog. We are fully equipped to help with all your canine issues and are committed to providing reward based methods deigned to suit each dogs specific needs.

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Phone : 07970981216

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  Puppy Toilet Training
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