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Welcome to Bristol dog school where your dog can learn all the skills to build the foundations of a good retrieve. 

Even if you have a retriever remember they don’t just come knowing these skills. If you want to have fun playing fetch with your dog in the park or you want to take part in more serious dog sports this course will teach you the foundation skills your dog will need to pick items up and bring them to your hand on cue.  

On this course you will learn 

  • How to shape a place-board so your dog will always come in to you
  • Shape picking up a toy or retrieve item so that your dog doesn’t always think you are going to take that item away and the game is over.
  • How to encourage holding an item and releasing it on cue so you don’t have to bend down a pick it up yourself.
  • How to get the dog to bring the item to you
  • Encourage self-control in your dog so that it doesn’t chase a toy until you send it.

Naturally this will require a little effort from you. Like any training it can be a slow process, this short course has squashed all of this learning into 7 short lessons and you can move as fast or as slowly as your dog is capable but if you commit to just 5 minutes a day you will quickly start to see the results. 

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Who are we...

Bristol Dog School is run by Clair Litster Huckle BSc (hons) who set up the business in 2016 with the aim of teaching owners how to effectively communicate and have fun with their dogs using positive reward based methods backed up by science and research. 

Providing Puppy Training Classes, Adolescent Training Classes, Adult dog training classes, Fun Gundog Skills Classes, 1:1 Training and Puppys First Walk. 

Specialising in Gundog skills training.

Classes are based at the Park Centre, Daventry road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1DQ on Monday evenings 7-9pm with private training and behaviour consultations by appointment.

After this course you may want to join a Gundog Skills Course, you don’t need a gundog breed to have some fun learning gundog skills, check the website for course dates. 

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Email : [email protected]

Phone : 07979 595134

Web : http://www.bristoldogschool.co.uk

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