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Welcome to the Pull Me Not course where your dog can learn to walk nicely on a lead even around distractions. Pulling on the lead can be a real problem, not only making your walks a nightmare but it can also cause physical injuries to you and your dog.

In Pull Me Not we teach your dog that walking nicely by your side is fun and highly rewarding. The course includes:

·       Recommended equipment and handler techniques

·       Loose lead walking foundations

·       Focus and connection games

·       Lead walking around distractions

·       An introduction to close heel work

The course includes 14 video tutorials to help you to stop your dog pulling on the lead and allowing you to enjoy your walks again with your dog. Of course, it will require a little investment from you, but we have designed the course so that you can do short sessions everyday and include training on your walks. Also, the course is yours for life so you can follow the recommended 3-week program, or you can take a bit more time and really master the foundations first.

The course is supported via a dedicated Facebook group with additional videos, resources and advice.

We cannot wait to see you on the course!

Your Full Course For £40 +VAT

Who are we...

Canine Connections Hertfordshire, set up in July 2015, is a family run business offering dog walking adventures and fun, science based dog training.We offer a range of classes, workshops and 1-2-1s to suit all abilities from puppies through to adult dogs using fun, positive, reward based methods that get results.

Our philosophy centres around helping you build a better connection and relationship with your dog by using fun activities that channel your dog’s energy, drive and natural behaviours in the right way. We use fun agility to improve your dog’s motivation to work with and focus on you in distracting environments.

Most of the classes are held outdoors in our enclosed field at Digswell Nurseries in Welwyn Garden City. We also have access to a large indoor area on site during the winter for the puppy classes. With our online classes we can also help many owners no matter where they live.

In addition to our face to face and online courses we offer a free Facebook group giving you loads of extra resources, fun games to play with your dogs and additional support.

Our online courses are supported by group coaching using Zoom conferencing and also private Facebook groups.

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Email : [email protected]

Phone : 07531 357246

Web : https://www.canineconnectionsherts.co.uk/

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