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Welcome to GOOD PUPPY where you and your puppy can have fun whilst learning about each other. This course will help you to become the most interesting thing in your puppy's life. This foundation of a strong, fun-filled and trusting relationship is fundamental to your puppy's development. Our puppies don't arrive in our lives knowing what we expect from them, and this course will help you to understand how they learn, and the best way of communicating your expectations.

In GOOD PUPPY we start to teach your puppy how to be the best puppy in the neighbourhood including:

  • Recall Games
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Playing politely with your human friends
  • Leave stuff when asked
  • Fun tricks
  • Send to bed
  • Sit and Down

Of course, this will require some effort from you too. Our course is condensed into short sessions lasting no longer than 6 mins. Spend 10 mins every day training with your puppy and you will see astounding results.

Your Full 6 Week Course For £50 +VAT

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Cumbria Canine Services has been working with dogs and owners since 2017, we provide a range of services from dog walking, homeboarding, pet sitting, training classes, and one to ones. In 2020, we are pleased to introduce our online provision of courses, workshops and one to one training sessions.

Our focus is on using kindness and consistency to promote better relationships between owners and dogs. We use motivational techniques such as markers, food and toy rewards to train your dogs, we do not use methods that involve pain or fear.

We are based in West Cumbria but also offer online solutions. You can contact us Mon to Saturday between 9am and 7pm.

If you are interested in finding an online solution please browse our website and online courses.

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