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Welcome to GOOD DOG - LEVEL 1 where your dog can learn all the skills necessary to thrive with their human families. Whilst dogs have been bred to live with us for many, many years we can’t discount the fact they were once wild scavengers and still enjoy hobbies like bin raiding, people drag racing and legging it after squirrels!

Dogs don’t come knowing the key skills needed to be a Good Boy or Girl and just like young children, they need teachers to show them the way.

In GOOD DOG - LEVEL 1 we start to teach your dog how to be the goodest boy or girl your family could wish for including:

  • Sitting and staying when asked
  • Settling and chilling when asked
  • Coming back even when there are squirrels
  • Walking with the person on the end of the lead, and not pulling them like the huskies they saw on the Christmas advert on the Telly Box
  • Being the best and fastest dog at fetch in the dog park
  • Leaving stuff when their person says, even when it's the tastiest snack in the hands of a human puppy
  • Listening to your every word
  • Doing simple tricks to prove to your neighbours and friends they really are the goodest boy or girl in town

Of course, this will require a little effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your dog the way is the key to your dog graduating from the Good Dog level 1 class. In this class we have squished lessons into short 5 minute daily sessions Monday - Friday. Commit to just 5 minutes a day and marvel at the results. 

Your Full 6 Week Course For £50 +VAT

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Dobercademy is an all-in-one Dog Training service established in 2008, Operating both on-line and practically in the field at our 16 acre secure countryside premises in Chorleywood Hertfordshire, and with 6 individual specialist dog training instructors, Dobercademy offers a unique dog training experience. We offer everything from classes and specialist workshops to 121s and behavioural consultations. Our dog sports instructors teach a variety of competitive dog sports including Agility, Flyball and Working Trials. We focus on offering modern ethical reward based training which includes, progressive learning from puppy classes through our award scheme to Dobercademy Gold Standard Good Dog. Each of our trainers has a slightly different style but we all use the same motivational methods using markers, toys and food. We have something for everyone both online and in person!  Get started now by visiting our website and booking on a course either online or in person!   

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