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The Muckyhound Puppy Life Skills programme is specifically designed to address the key areas of good puppy manners. In addition to general puppy life skills like sit and stay, we’ll show you how to teach your puppy focus and impulse control which are the corners stones of all good dog training.  You and your puppy will be guided step by step and learn together and the whole family can join in too. 

The course runs over 5 weeks, with daily video tutorials for 5 of the 7 days, leaving you 2 days for extra practise and training. 

The puppy life skills that you will cover are:

- Sit & Stay This behaviour will be nurtured to ensure good greeting, door and food manners  

- Eye Contact Eye contact give you a base for strong focus from your puppy 

- Lead Walking Now is the time to ensure your pup does not grow up taking you for a walk by pulling while on lead. 

- Leave it Being able to direct your pup away from things you don’t want them to eat or play with. 

- Drop Establish the ability to ask your pup to let go of something they have in their mouth without you having to run around chasing them. 

- Settle Teaching your pup to chill out on cue will ensure that you have some down time yourself, and a super behaviour to have when you have visitors and you want to sit down for a cuppa without puppy “zoomies” all over the place. 

- Recall Your puppy might stick to you like glue to begin with but when that teenage phase kicks in at around 6 months that generally changes. Your puppy will then start to explore and get so distracted that coming back to you becomes very difficult, unless you work and train on a solid, reliable recall from day one. 

- Touch This is a less known but extremely useful behaviour. When asked your pup will push its nose to the palm of your hand, giving you the opportunity to let it stand on the vets table, maintaining contact while the vet conducts the examination. It is also a brilliant way to move your pup around and to top it off it can, if trained to a high level, become your most reliable recall cue. 

- Some fun We include two great games/tricks just to ensure you remember that training is all about having fun: Middle (Peek-a-Boo) and Spin

If you are ready to take the first steps in your puppy seduction, enroll today. 

Your Full 5 Week Course For €75 +VAT

Who are we...

Muckyhound Dog Training was founded in 2010 by Jo Malherbe, CBTT1-13115 (Canine Behaviour and Training Technician)

Our services include:

·        Online Courses and Tutorials.

·        For the more personalised approach there is a choice of specialised services available:

               Our One-to-one @ home training covering Puppy, Adolescent and Adult dog training programmes. 

               One-to-one @ home behaviour modification programmes our main area of specialisation being lead reactivity. 

·        We also run a number of Group training classes throughout the year.

Our training approach is aimed to help you, the owner, to get the most out of your dog. Our training is reward based, be it through food and/or toys. We focus on establishing and building on wanted behaviours whilst extinguishing unwanted behaviours.

For one-to-one @ home sessions we cover North and South East Wexford, South Wicklow and parts of Co Carlow, Ireland. Our on online solutions are accessible worldwide.

Our online options are available 24/7, whilst we over one-to-one services Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays by arrangement.

If you want the flexibility of online solutions or prefer to avail of our one-to-one services please browse our website and contact us via email at [email protected] or message us on Facebook

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