What will my dog learn?


Tell me more about Wicked Weaves...

Would you like your dog to complete a full set of 12 weave poles?

Have you struggled to get started or has your dog has lost interest?

Would you like awesomely fast and awesomely accurate WICKED WEAVES?

Are you looking to proof your weaves entries?

Do you want to start weave training but aren’t quite sure where to begin?

Or have you started but just need to polish them up a bit?

From total beginner to inspiring improver, we has something for you in Wicked Weaves.

This is an AWESOME course that will set you up with great foundations for your weaves or if you are trying to improve your weaves, this will help increase your dogs speed and accuracy.

By using the Two by Two Method for weave training, following short videos, with clear demonstrations and diagrams, your dog will be weaving in no time. Your Canine Buddy will develop great forward focus and drive. You will have an awesome time and build a brilliant bond with your dog, as you go through step by step instructions and progressions.

We will look at what motivates your dog, forward focus, understanding the correct entry, reward placement, independence, send aheads, desire, drive and enthusiasm – everything you need to get Wicked Weaves!!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to spend quality time with your dog focusing on the skills that they need to progress in their training and to build really WICKED WEAVES.

So what will you get?

🔶️11 video lessons that take you from the beginning and progress through to a full set of 12 weaves, with full explanatioms, clear demonstrations and equipment diagrams.

🔶️ Life time access so that you can work at your own pace.

🔶️You will also get access to a dedicated Facebook group for:



    🔸️Tips and tricks


All this for an introductory lockdown cost of £25 (Valid until lockdown is over and The Canine Hub face to face classes resume. RRP £35)

Sign up now to start your epic WICKED WEAVES journey.

What do you need:

✔ 2×2 weave pole set or a set of 6 or 12, stick in the ground poles or even chicken fence posts*

✔ A dog older than 12 months (Younger dogs are not physically ready for weaving)

✔ Lots of enthusiasm

 ✔Access to FB (If feedback is required, but not essential)

*Just make sure they are safe for your Canine buddy.

Your Full Course For £21 +VAT

Who are we...

The Canine Hub are a fun, friendly and professional dog training company who have been training dogs since 2017. We offer you and your canine best friend, a variety of quality puppy & adult dog training, agility classes, scentwork classes, workshops and 1-2-1 consultations, where handler and dog can learn in a force free, positive reward based training environment.

The Canine Hub have a “games based” approach to learning. Playing short, three minute, fun games, which will help your canine buddy make the right choices. The more you reward the right choices, the more instinctive and natural those choices become. You will also build an awesome bond between you and your canine best friend as you learn together, meeting other like minded people.

Our classes and workshops take place at our dedicated training field in Oakley Bedford on Saturdays and Tuesdays, but we can also offer quality online training from the comfort of your own home and 1-2-1 sessions any day of the week.

If you are interested in an online solution to training your canine buddy please browse our website for our online courses or to find out more about what would be suitable for you and your Canine best friend call or email.

Contact Us...

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