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Welcome to GOOD DOG - LEVEL 1 where your dog can learn all the skills necessary to thrive with their human families. While dogs have been bred to live with us for many, many years, we cannot simply dismiss the fact they were once wild scavengers and still enjoy hobbies like herding, sniffing, chasing, barking, pulling, foraging, marking and digging which are typically discouraged by humans. They also don’t come to us automatically knowing the key skills needed to appropriately live in out world. What we can do is recognize that just like human children, they will likely need teachers to guide them in the right direction. This is where Wag and the School of Canine Science team can help!

In our Good Dog – Level 1 series we will help you take the right steps needed to help you teach your dog the skills to be the best dog your family could wish for, including:

·        Sitting and staying when asked

·        Settling and chilling when asked

·        Coming back even when there are distractions

·        Walking with you while on leash without pulling

·        Being the best and the fastest dog at fetch

·        Leaving even the tastiest snack when asked

·        Offering attention and responding to your requests

·        Enjoying fun and simple tricks with you to prove to your friends that they really are the best dog in the neighborhood!

Of course, this will require some effort on your part. Like any parent, showing your dog what’s right and what’s wrong is the key to your dog graduating from the Good Dog class. In this class we have squished lessons into short 5-minute daily sessions, Monday to Friday. That’s only 5 minutes on the computer and we suggest an additional 10 minutes of practice each day. Staying consistent over the next six weeks will be key to seeing your desired results.

Your Full 6 Week Course For $100 +HST

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Wag Canine Recreation Centre has been a valuable resource for dog owners in Amherst NS Canada since 2012. Our training services include in person group classes such as Puppy Preschool, Taming the Teenager, Basic/Advanced Obedience and Scent Detection as well as private training for those dogs that are not suited to a group class or require more help with behavioral issues. Online training is available for Good Dog Level 1 with more classes to be offered soon.We provide modern, effective and relevant training solutions that are backed up by science.Our training focuses on trust, cooperation and choice.We never use force or pain to train.Instead we focus on motivational techniques that include using markers, toys and food to teach new habits and build a strong bond between you and your dog.Start building a better relationship with your dog today and register for Good Dog Level 1 online now.

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