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Welcome to GOOD DOG - LEVEL 1 where your dog can learn all the skills necessary to thrive with their human families. Whilst dogs have been bred to live with us for many, many years we can’t discount the fact they were once wild scavengers and still enjoy hobbies like bin raiding, dragging you after delicious scents and legging it after squirrels! Dogs don’t come knowing the key skills needed to be a Good Dog and just like young children, they need teachers to show them the way.


In GOOD DOG - LEVEL 1 we support you to teach your dog how to be the best behaved dog your family could wish for including:

  • Sitting and staying when asked
  • Settling and chilling when asked
  • Coming back when called (even when there are squirrels!)
  • Walking with the person on the end of the lead, and not pulling
  • Being the best dog at fetch in the park
  • Leaving stuff when their person says, even when it's the tastiest snack going
  • Listening to your every word
  • Doing simple tricks to prove to your neighbours and friends they really are the cleverest dog in town


Of course, this will require a little effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your dog the way is the key to your dog graduating from the Good Dog level 1 class. In this course we have created short 5 minute daily sessions, Monday - Friday. Commit to just 5 minutes a day and marvel at the results. 

Your Full 6 Week Course For £60

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Enve Canine Services (established in 2010) is a fun, friendly dog training club providing group training classes to over 200 dogs and owners a week.

We offer everything from puppy classes, group obedience, agility, hoopers and scentwork to 1:1 home visits and behaviour consultations.

Our focus is on providing modern, effective and accessible dog training solutions using a scientific and ethical approach. Each of our instructors have their own individual style, but all use motivational techniques such as markers, toys and food to train your dog. Training should be fun for you both.

We offer classes six days a week at five different locations making the training classes accessible to everyone in South East Kent.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we are busy developing online solutions to enable us to offer our services both in person and online.

Enquiries are monitored daily so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or would like to join a course in person.

If you are interested in finding an online solution, please browse our website for available courses. Thank you.

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07505382689

Web: www.envecanineservices.co.uk

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