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Welcome to GOOD DOG - LEVEL ONE. Your journey to the best behaved dog in town starts now!

In GOOD DOG - LEVEL ONE we will train you how to train your dog all the skills necessary to be the best boy or girl your family could wish for. Your dog will master skills such as :

  • Sitting and Staying when asked
  • Settling and chilling on their beds when asked
  • Coming back when called even when there are other dogs
  • Walking politely with you on the other end of the lead, and not pulling you like a steam train
  • Being the best and fastest dog at fetch at the beach
  • Leaving stuff alone when their person says so
  • Listening to your every word and paying more attention to you
  • Doing some party tricks to show off to your neighbours and friends that you really do have the best dog in town

Of course, all of this will require a little effort from you too. Like any good pet parent, showing your dog the way is the key to your dog graduating from the Good Dog level one. In this course we have squished lessons into short, easy to digest, 5 minute daily training sessions Monday - Friday. Commit to just 5 minutes a day and marvel at the results!

Your Full 6 Week Course For €90 +VAT

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Hello There … My name is Cillian and I am the Head Trainer at Five Star Dog Training. I am the proud dog parent of two lovely rescue dogs, Hurley & Galavant. Today they are well behaved dogs that I can take anywhere, anytime hassle free, but this was far from how it all started! In the beginning, owning a dog was a real struggle. There was so much contradicting information online. It was extremely confusing to know if I was training them the right way. Everyone had an opinion! I desperately wanted to have a real, long-term change in my dog’s bad behaviour so that I could actually enjoy their company! I achieved that goal and now I want to do the same thing for you! If you are currently feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, or simply stuck with the way you have been training your Dog, we will show you exactly how you can turn this around and provide you with some serious clarity and most importantly ; Results.

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Email : [email protected]

Phone : 00353861048765

Web : www.fivestardogtraining.ie

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